Indian association of dental students is a productive, progressive and passionate platform for dental students and and young dental surgeons and people in general as well. It seeks to be the “grist of the mill” of the dental fraternity. When we claim this, we mean morally and technologically getting off the ground with prime objectives and goals of its own, which would eventually affect optimistically to everyone attached to it.

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Presidents Message

Warm greetings to the denizens of this globe. It gives me immense pleasure, imparting something of this kind .Being the president of IADS, I actually, cheerfully look forward to perform some stern dental duties. The task I owe to my fraternity, society, humanity in its entirety. I would like to confirm that we would definitely be the propelling force for the growth of dental awareness and knowledge amidst the common population. I would even like to ensure that we would indoctrinate people of unhealthy dental habits and trends. We would make sure that we reach out to the poverty stricken sections of society and make them able. The foundation of IADS is with a purpose to uplift the dental community and to spread needs of dental health. This organization has two arms one who holds the dental students and other the dental surgeons who will guide these dental students with their skills , knowledge n experience. We don’t want to load you with amount of promises. We believe in performing and being less of a wordsmith. Fundamentally, we would strive to make this profession a grapple with all that it needs to grapple with.

Dr Navnit Pathak